Survival Fitness

Car jacking.  Home invasion.  Personal safety.  We are bombarded daily with these scary stories that are happening in our community.  If you want to empower yourself, to protect yourself, this is the class for you, SURVIVAL FITNESS!

This class is a fast paced workout where you will take different potentially violent scenarios and practice, practice and practice some more, defensive moves that can help you in a given situation.  Knowledge in itself is not enough, you must be strong and fast enough to apply that knowledge.  Classes will incorporate heavy bags work, focus mitts training and many other strength and agility exercises.  No experience is required except the desire to train hard.  The instructor for this special class is Gordon Jue, 8th degree black belt with over 30 years martial art training, as well as training with police officers, special forces and other experts in martial arts.  Must be 15 years or older to participate in Survival Fitness. See the schedule >