Jue's Taekwon-Do - Traditional Korean Martial Arts

Cardio Kickboxing

Our cardio kickboxing classes make fitness a lifestyle, not a chore.

What happens when you combine cardio kickboxing classes with cross training elements? You get a new and improved cardio kick-ass boxing class!  This class will incorporate elements from the kickboxing classes with stand alone bags to pound and kick on AND add elements to build stronger arms, legs and core with weights, medicine balls, weighted ropes and such much more!! Our 60 minute class will push you, as much as you push yourself so it’s good for all fitness levels. Watch as you start out and see your improvement increase over the weeks! Our traditional kickboxing class burns about 700 – 800 calories per class! See our latest updates >

Classes are offered in early morning, mid day and evening. See our detailed calendar for the full schedule of classes. Must be 15 years or older to participate in our kickboxing class. See the schedule >